Central Committee

The Kern County Democratic Central Committee is your connection to the party. Central Committee works register and educate voters, recruit outstanding candidates for elected office, and win elections.  

Central Committee members are elected every four years in presidential primary elections. Each of the five Kern County supervisorial districts is represented by between three and five Central Committee members. Additionally, the Democratic nominees of each state and federal office within Kern County is considered an ex-officio member of Central Committee. Both regular and ex-officio members can appoint alternate members who enjoy same rights as the members who appointed them. 

Central Committee is governed by a set of bylaws which outline how members vote, debate and allocate party resources. Additionally, they elect and Executive Board consisting of a party chair, vice chair, secretary, controller and member at-large.

District 1

Imelda Ceja-Butkiewicz

 Yvette Flores

 Tracy Lopez (Vice Chair)

 Sandy Reding

District 2

Hortencia Cabral (Secretary)

Helen Collins (At-Large)

Christian Romo (Chair)

Kathleen Weinstein

District 3

 Jerry Fernandez (Controller)

 Robin Fernandez

 Anna Laven

 Denise Norris

District 4

Ricardo Perez

Salvador Solorio-Ruiz

Veronica Vasquez

Nicole Villaruz

District 5

Katie Irwin

Celsey Taylor

Priscilla Sanchez

Ex Officio Members

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