The Kern County Democratic Party and the California Democratic Party endorse candidates for local and statewide office who demonstrate exceptional drive and dedication to public service. Endorsed candidates have applied for endorsement and participated in a process which resulted in at least two-thirds of participating Central Committee members voting to endorse. Electing our endorsed candidates is our primary goal each election cycle and as such, these candidates receive support from the party in the form of volunteers, time and other resources.

These are our endorsements for the 2020 General Election.

Jose Gurrola
Arvin Mayor
Eric Arias
Bakersfield City Council
Ward 1
Jesse Quijada
Bakersfield City Council
Ward 6
Dr. Christine Cruz-Boone
Bakersfield City School District Board of Trustees
Area 3
Brooke Malley Ault
Bakersfield City School District Board of Trustees
Area 5
Salvador Solorio-Ruiz
Delano City Council
Grace Vallejo (Incumbent)
Delano City Council
Veronica Vasquez
Delano City Council
Flor Olvera
Wasco City Council
District 2
Alex Garcia (Incumbent)
Wasco City Council
District 5
TJ Cox (Incumbent)
US House of Representatives
21st Congressional District
Kim Mangone
US House of Representatives
23rd Congressional District
Drew Phelps
California State Assembly
26th Assembly District
Rudy Salas (Incumbent)
California State Assembly
32nd Assembly District
Julie Solis
California State Assembly
34th Assembly District
Arnold Morrison
Delano Joint Union High School Board

Suzanne Villaruz
Delano Union School Board

Kathy Kneer
Bear Valley Community Services District


Proposition 14 – YES
Proposition 15 – YES
Proposition 16 – YES
Proposition 17 – YES
Proposition 18 – YES
Proposition 19 – YES

Proposition 20 – NO
Proposition 21 – YES
Proposition 22 – NO
Proposition 23 – YES
Proposition 24 – NEUTRAL
Proposition 25 – YES

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